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Sep 6 - Sep 30 | Wednesdays & Saturdays | 5 PM to 6 PM
Jayanagar, Bangalore, Bangalore

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(age 5)


While today the word "Yoga" has a connotation with exercise or therapy, Yoga is a philosophy that promotes harmony and unity between the body, mind, and spirit.

Benefits Of Yoga:

Physical Health: Increases strength, enhances flexibility, boosts the immune system, boosts metabolism, deeper breaths
Mental Health: Improves focus, reduces anxiety, promotes mindfulness, boosts brain power, helps to beat the blues
Emotional Health: The practice makes a person more self-aware and self-regulated
Spiritual Health: The practice makes one look inward and therefore build a connection with the self

By Svadhyaya

All things sustainable & All things Indian! “Art for the Mind, Movement for the Body, Music for the Soul” Our programs cover Art, Music & Movement as they are the most effective means for children & adults to discover and develop their creative and learning skills. Working with these natural materials in a natural, open-ended and free environment promotes self-learning, the joy of learning, sensory development, fine motor skills, self-esteem, self-expression, problem-solving skills, leadership skills, discipline, broadened perspectives and a sense of acceptance. In addition, art, music & movement have a well-documented therapeutic quality that settles and calms children and adults. We have programs like bouldering, kalarippayattu, yoga, clay & pottery, natural colours, flute, mrudangam, Carnatic vocal music, veena and violin. We are looking for the right people o introduce spinning, weaving, knitting, sewing and carpentry.

Terms and Conditions

1. Please carry your own water bottles 2. Kindly be at the venue 10 mins prior to the class

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